Guide To Getting Married on Skye


45 minute film which includes chapters on:
Local Talent
The Legal Bit


Can I download the video?
Yes. You have the choice of streaming or downloading the video in full. The file is ready for smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. The file is roughly 3.2GB so is quite big.
Can I share the video?
No. The cost allows you and your partner to view only. You can share with parents/future in-laws etc but please don't share with friends or on social media platforms.
What else can I access once I have bought the video?
Our website has all the links and content that appears in the video. All of this can be access via a username and password. You must create an account to access this. However, if you choose not to make an account, you can still access the video.
How long do I have access to the film?
As of Jan'18 you will have indefinite access all versions of the film
Is it available in different languages?
Just now it's only available in Scottish-English. There are plans to translate and have multiple languages as open captions.


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